Team members

Emre Yaksi, PhD

Professor/Group leader – Kavli Institute, NTNU

Previous: Assistant Professor/Group leader NERF-VIB-KU Leuven, Postdoc Harvard Medical School – Boston – USA, PhD University of Heidelberg – Germany, Msc University of Heidelberg – Germany, Bsc METU Ankara – Turkey

Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi, PhD

Group leader – IKOM, 10% Associate Professor – Kavli Institute, NTNU,

Previous: Postdoc VIB-KULeuven – Belgium, and Harvard Medical School – Boston – USA, PhD University of Heidelberg – Germany, Msc University of Lausanne – Switzerland

Interested in cilia, fluid flow and any developmental process affecting the brain.

Vy Thuy Nguyen

Lab Manager, Kavli Institute

Msc NTNU Molecular Medicine

Bram Serneels

Research Technician, Kavli Institute

Msc KU Leuven – Belgium

Kadir Aytac Mutlu

Post-doctoral fellow, Kavli Institute

PhD NERF-KULeuven – Belgium

I am interested to understand how animals respond differently to the same sensory stimulus depending on their internal states. For instance, reactions of the animals to food when they are hungry, and when they are fed are not the same. I address the neural mechanisms underlying this behavior utilizing multiple approaches including simultaneous neural and behavioral imaging, and pharmacological and chemogenetic techniques.

Francisca D Acuna Hinrichsen, PhD

Post-doctoral fellow, Kavli Institute

PhD and Msc Universidad Austral de Chile – Chile

I combine my skills in viral and molecular tools with systems neuroscience to study the development of functional neural circuits in the zebrafish brain.

Bjørn André Bredesen-Aa,

Post-doctoral fellow, Kavli Institute

PhD and Msc University of Bergen, Norway

My primary interests are in the development and application of analytical and machine learning algorithms for the study of connectomes and spatial transcriptomes, with particular focus on cortical and subcortical structure homologs in the zebrafish telencephalon

Inyoung Jung

Post-doctoral fellow, IKOM

PhD, Korea University, South Korea

I am interested in how motile cilia and cerebrospinal fluid have impact on zebrafish brain physiology and vice versa, using various genetic tools and imaging techniques.

Anh-Tuan Trinh

Post-doctoral fellow, Kavli Institute

PhD, University of Ottawa, Canada

I am interested in studying the neural mechanisms underlying the encoding of mnemonic traces in cortical-like structures in teleost fish using a combination of neuroanatomy, electrophysiology and whole-brain imaging

Percival D’Gama

PhD student, IKOM

MSc St Xaviers College, University of Mumbai, BSc Wilson College, University of Mumbai – India

Interested to understand the role of motile cilia in regulating fluid flow in the brain of zebrafish

Mert Ege

Phd Student, IKOM

Msc, NTNU, Norway

Anna Ostenrath

PhD student, Kavli Institute

BSc and MSc RWTH Aachen University – Germany 

I am interested in how modulations of the neuronal network can affect sensory computations and behaviour of the animal. 

Ahmed Jamali

Medical student, NTNU Research Line, Kavli Institute

Sunniva Sofie Ophus

Medical student, NTNU Research Line, Kavli Institute

By combining electrophysiological and pharmacological approaches, I investigate the connections between glial- and neuronal cells with focus on glutamate and glial-glutamate transporters pre, during and post seizures in genetical models of epilepsy.

Andreas Nygard

Staff Scientist, IKOM

Emiliano Jimenez Marquez

Phd Student, Kavli Institute

MSc National Autonomous University of Mexico

I am interested in how group of cells group code for sensory experiences and how the sequential reactivation of them leads to animal behavior. I am using the neuronal microcircuits approach to investigate this phenomena in the thousands of neurons that in vivo whole brain recordings allow us to see. 

Yağnur Işık Çiftci

PhD student, Integrated PhD Program, Koç University

I came from a molecular biology and genetics background. I’m interesting in neuronal and non-neuronal habenula cells, with particular focus on single cell and spatial transcriptomics analysis.

Vegard Broen

MSc student neuroscience NTNU, Kavli Institute

During my thesis I’m investigating calcium dynamics of astroglia in zebrafish seizure models

Inger Kristine Aukrust

MSc student neuroscience NTNU, Kavli Institute

I am interested in studying the neural activity underlying various Zebrafish behaviors, and will combine behavioral experiment assays with microscopy in order to investigate this


Natalia Freus

Master Student Molecular Medicine – FAU and visiting student at IKOM

BSc Molecular Medicine – FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg (Germany)

I am interested in studying epilepsy / seizure generation in zebrafish using imaging, behavioral analysis, and molecular approaches. Through the application of epilepsy-related medications, I am exploring modulation in seizure formation and possible prevention.

Helene Homme Hoffshagen

Medical student, NTNU Research Line

I am interested in investigating the role of glial gap junctions in epilepsy by using pharmacological and genetic approaches.

Sverre Myren-Svelstad

PhD Student – Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience, and Dept. of Neuromedicine and Movement Science, NTNU

MD, Specialist in Neurology – St. Olav’s University Hospital

Clinical neurologist and fundamental neuroscientist. Exploring neural and astroglial networks in epilepsy models.

Ecem Aydın

Master student, NTNU Neuroscience

Bsc İzmir Kâtip Çelebi University

Now data scientist MPI-Munich, Germany

Sanne L’Abee Lund

Fish facility technician

I’m from Trondheim, I’m 22 years old and doing a bachelor in marine biology and cell and molecular biology at NTNU. 

Emma Høgh Åslein

Fish facility technician

I am Emma, 22 years old and currently doing a bachelor in marine biology. 

Christa Ringers

PhD student (Boehringer Ingelheim Fond fellowship)

Msc NTNU Neuroscience, Bsc University of Amsterdam – Netherlands

Now postdoc at Uppsala University

Fabrizio Palumbo

PhD student

Msc NTNU Neuroscience, Bsc Politecnico di Milano – Italy

Now Associate Professor OSLOMET, Norway

Nicholas Faturos

Research assistant

Bsc Amherst College – USA

Now, Research Assistant at NIH

Ricarda Bardenhewer

Master student, RWTH Aachen, Erasmus NTNU

Stephanie Foré

PhD student

Msc KU Leuven – Belgium

Now, Clinical Research Associate, Clintech – Belgium

Wojciech Marcin Swiergon

Fish facility technician

Oda Bjørnevik Håheim

Master student, NTNU Neuroscience

Peter Wessel Strandhagen

Master student, NTNU Neuroscience

Eline Vonck

Master student, KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Now, PhD Student at KULeuven

Jessie Premereur

Master student, KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Now, PhD Student at University of Antwerp, VIB

Ewelina Bartoszek

PhD student, Msc University of Prague/ RWTH Aachen

Now, staff scientist at Microscopy Core Facility at Department of Biomedical Engineering | University of Basel

Robbrecht Pelgrims

PhD student, Msc KU Leuven

Now, development engineer at Siemens, Trondheim

Pradeep Lal

Post-doctoral fellow (MSCA fellowship, 2016-20), PhD NIG, Mishima – Japan

Now, senior researcher at NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, Bergen

Daniela Weth-Malsch

Post-doctoral fellow (2017-19), PhD University of Innsbruck – Austria

Now, quality management representative, Canina Pharma Gmbh, Hamm

Phong Chau

Research assistant (2019), Msc NTNU Molecular Medicine

Now: PhD student, University of Oslo

Emilie Willoch Olstad

Msc student (2017-18), NTNU Neuroscience

Now: PhD student, University of Oslo

Evelien Laura Van Hoeymissen

Master student (2018-19), KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Now: PhD student, KU Leuven

Julie Hélène Vancraeynest

Master student (2018-19), KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Silke Anny Vanderhaeghe

Master student (2018-19), KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Now: PhD student, KU Leuven

Anna Maria Ostenrath

visiting student, Msc RWTH Aachen – Germany

Now, PhD Student at Kavli Institute, NTNU, Trondheim

Laetitia Lalla

Post-doctoral fellow (2018), PhD: INMED, Marseille, France

Now: data scientist, France

Adinda Wens

Master student (2017-18), KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Now: PhD student, University of Munich – Germany

Vegard Fiskum

Master student (2017-18), NTNU Neuroscience

Now: PhD student, NTNU

Celine Deneubourg

Master student (2017-18), KU Leuven, Erasmus NTNU

Now: PhD student, King’s College London – UK

Taeyi (Andrew) You

Master student (2017-18), NTNU Neuroscience

Florence Kermen

Post-doctoral fellow

Now: group leader, Department of Biology, NTNU

Merethe Andresen

lab manager

Now, lab manager at NTNU

Nancy Bonono

Master Student (2016-17), NTNU Neuroscience

Now: PhD student, University of Oslo

Tom Sommers

Research Assistant

Now, medical student at Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Christoph Wiest

Medical student, University of Heidelberg

Now, MD-PhD student University of Oxford

Carmen Diaz Verdugo

PhD student

Now: Computational Scientist at Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard

Filip Janiak

Post-doctoral fellow

Now: postdoc University of Sussex – UK

Tord Aronsen

Master student, NTNU (2016-17)

Now, Data scientist i Skatteetaten

Luis Mendez

PhD student (2012-16), Msc.: Biotechnological Engineering,University of Mexico City – Mexico

Now Postdoc in UCSB, CA, USA

Ingrid Reiten

Master student (2015-16), NTNU Neuroscience

Now: researcher in University of Oslo

Max Hoffmann

Research Assistant (2015), Msc: University of Vienna – Austria

Now: PhD student, University of Berlin – Germany

Cameron Wyatt

Post-doctoral fellow (2011-15), Ph.D.: Center for Neuroregeneration, University of Edinburgh, UK

Now imaging facility manager at University of Edinburgh

Suresh Kumar Jetti

PhD student (2011-15), Msc.:Dept. Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Pondicherry University, India

Now Post-doc at MIT, Boston – USA

Lea Darnet

Master student (2014), Bsc.: Ecole Normale Superior Paris

Now postdoc Kings College, London, UK

Almudena Pingarron Salazar

Internship student (2013), Bsc.: University of Madrid

Now: psychologist

Nuria Vendrell Llopis

PhD student (2011-15), Msc.: Universitat politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Now: postdoc, UC Berkley, USA

Cecilia Brandt

Master student (2015),

Now: high school teacher

Saar Vandekeere

Master student (2013-14), Bsc.: KU Leuven

Xueting Wang

Erasmus Internship Student

Yiming Yang

Erasmus Internship Student

Jack Bechert

HHMI Visiting Student

Elena Dreosti

Post-doctoral fellow, Ph.D.: University of Cambridge, UK

Now principle investigator at UCL, UK

Abigail De La Peña

HHMI Visiting Student

Aris Fiser

EPFL Visiting Master Student

Nuray Sogunmez,

Visiting Master Student, Bsc.: Bogazici University, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Istanbul