CV Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi




2009    PhD in life sciences, date of approved disputation: 05.03.2009 German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), University of Heidelberg, Germany, Department of Signal Transduction and Growth Control – Prof. Peter Angel (magna cum laude)

2005    Diploma/Master in biology Faculty of Biology and Medicine, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (summa cum laude)



Since 01/15      Senior Researcher Yaksi Laboratory – Kavli Institute for Systems Neurosciences – The Faculty of Medicine – NTNU, Norway Research: Elucidating the role of cilia in brain development and function, generation and characterization of zebrafish models of brain diseases in collaboration with clinicians.

01/11-12/14     Postdoctoral fellow Laboratory of Membrane Trafficking – Prof. Wim Annaert – VIB – KU Leuven, Belgium Research: understanding factors contributing to Alzheimer’s disease in zebrafish and cell culture

12/09-12/10     Research fellow Laboratory of Prof. Randall T Peterson – Harvard Medical School – Boston, USA Research: Identification of novel small molecules regulating the development of egg and sperm in zebrafish

03/06-04/09     Doctoral thesis Department of Signal Transduction and Growth Control – Prof. Peter Angel – German Cancer Research Centre (DKFZ), Heidelberg, Germany Doctoral thesis: Positive and negative regulator Junb: impact on chromatin remodeling and stress response (magna cum laude)

05/05-11/05     Research assistant Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland

2004-2005       Diploma/Master thesis Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Lausanne, Switzerland Supervisor: Dr. Dario Diviani, Diploma thesis: Characterization of novel signaling proteins interacting with the AKAP-Lbc signaling complex (summa cum laude)



2018-20           Medical Research Line fellowship to Ahmed Jamali (Medical student salary 2 years)

2018-20           Boehringer Ingelheim Fond PhD Fellowship to Christa Ringers (PhD salary 3 years)

2017-21           NTNU Strategi- og omstillingsmidler grant in collaboration with Dr I Sandvig (2PhD students, 6M NOK). Coordination of the project.

2017-22           Samarbeidsorganet Helse Midt-Norge in collaboration with Prof E Yaksi and E Brodtkorb (8M NOK).

2018                Travel grant from EuFishBioMed to attend the 2018 zebrafish PI meeting (500 EUR)

2017                Travel grant Gordon Research Conference (Cilia and Mucociliary Clearance) (700 USD)

2017                EMBO travel grant in collaboration with Prof K Pekkan (Koc, Turkey) (1000 EUR)

2012                F+ fellowship of the KU Leuven (1 year postdoc salary)

2006-09           Scholarship of the international PhD program of DKFZ (3 years PhD salary)

2008                European association of cancer research (EACR) travel award (500 EUR)



1999-2017       I have studied and worked in 5 different countries: Switzerland (Master until 06), Germany (Phd 2006-09), USA (research fellow 2009-10), Belgium (postdoc 2011-14), Norway (researcher since 2015)



PhD students:

  • S Myren-Svelstad (since Jan 2017)
  • C Ringers (since Aug 2017-Boehringer Ingelheim Fond PhD fellowship)
  • E W Olstad (since July 2018)

Medical students

  • A Jamali (since August 2018, NTNU research line fellowship)

Master students:

S Vanderhaeghe (KU Leuven, 06/2019), J Vancraeynest (KU Leuven, 06/2019), EW Olstad (NTNU, 06/2018), T You (NTNU, 06/2018), A Wens (KU Leuven, 06/2018), C Ringers (NTNU, 06/2017), N Banono (NTNU, 06/2017), I Reiten (NTNU, 06/2016), C Brandt (Turku University, 2015)


J Hansen (2017), AB Bolat (2017), J Zuflacht (MGH, 2010)



2016-18           Auditory system (2h, NEVR3002, NTNU)

2015-17           Zebrafish as a model organism (1h/year, Felasa course, NTNU)

2015                Zebrafish as a model organism for neurological disorders (1h, University of Oslo, MBV4340)

2014                Workshop on cloning and genome engineering (1h, VIB-NERF PhD school)

2014                The cell biology of neurodegenerative diseases with an emphasis on Alzheimer’s disease (9h, KULeuven, Medical students 2nd semester)

2014                Practical training for Bachelor students (10h, KULeuven, Bachelor students in biomedical sciences 6th semester)

2011-14           Hot Topic in Cell Biology (4h/year, KULeuven, Master students in biomedical sciences)



2013-14           Initiation and management of the departmental postdoctoral association of VIB center for the biology of disease



  • Reviewing: Journal of Biological Chemistry, Neurogenesis, Current Biology, Cell Reports
  • Conference: Co-organizer of the NTNU neuroscience symposium (12/2018), the EMBO Cilia 2020 Conference (10/2020) and zebrafish neural circuit and behavior meeting (02/2021)



Since 2016       Member Society for Neuroscience (SfN), European Chemoreception Research Organization (ECRO), EuFishBioMed, FENS

Since 2017       Associate member of the Priority Programme “Microswimmers – From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behavior” of the German Research Foundation (DFG)