Life at Yaksi Lab

Here you will find updates on Yaksi LabĀ  in pictures – Please click on the pictures for larger images

Early days in the lab

Level 1

25 Jan 2011

Still under construction

Level 2

8 Feb 2011

Fish facility is there !

Level 3

15 Feb 2011

1st e-phys rig is coming together & water in the house


17 Feb 2011

1st microscope and 1st fish are in the house

22 Feb 2011

Fish facility is running!!! Can you find the first transgenic babies in the picture ? ……Isn’t BX51-WI the prettiest microscope ever built ?

4 March 2011

4 March 2011

Finally moved in the main lab space !!! —— The first e-phys is almost ready to go

11 March 2011

Fish are growing, e-phys setup is running, first data obtained, second e-phys setup is on the way, Lab is coming together!

04 April 2011

Intracellular recordings works, just perfect ! Our first fish babies are grown up now and already laying eggs after a record time of 7 Weeks

15 May 2011

Working Hard

29 July 2011

Having Good Time too…

Blankenberge 2013

Fall 2012

Summer 2013 retreat and goodbye Elena

Retreat 2013(small)

Summer 2013

Goodbye Jack, Yiming and Xueting, Working hard and learning to behave

Fall 2013

Fall 2013

Lab retreat Summer 2014


Yaksi Lab Retreat Summer 2014

FELASA Course in Trondheim – Do you see any one cold in these photos ?

November 2014 - Trondheim

November 2014 – Trondheim

Lab retreat Summer 2015


July 2015, Trondheim

Lab retreat Summer 2016


July 2016, Agdenes

Lab retreat Summer 2018

July 2018, Sletvik Marine Station

July 2018, Sletvik Marine Station


more to come …