CV Emre Yaksi



2007                  PhD, Max Planck Inst. for Medical Research, Uni. of Heidelberg, Germany

2003                  MSc, dMax Planck Inst. for Medical Research, Uni. of Heidelberg, Germany

2001                  BSc, Dept. of Molecular Biology and Genetics, METU, Turkey


Since 2017         Professor, Kavli Inst. for Systems neuroscience, NTNU, Norway

Since 2017         Assoc. Investigator, Ctr. for Molecular Medicine Norway (NCMM), Norway


2015 – 2017        Associate Professor, Kavli Inst. for Systems neuroscience, NTNU, Norway

2011 – 2016        Assistant Professor, KULeuven, Belgium

2010 – 2016        Group Leader, Neuroelectronics Research Flanders, VIB, Belgium

2013 – 2014        Interim Dept. Director, Neuroelectronics Research Flanders, VIB, Belgium

2007 – 2010        Post-doc, Harvard Medical School, Department of Neurobiology, USA


2021               The Research Council of Norway, FRIPRO BIOMED researcher project grant, Norway (12M NOK)

2016               Mid-Norway regional health authorities research grant, Norway (8 MNOK)

2015               The Research Council of Norway, FRIPRO BIOMED young talent grant, Norway (8M NOK)

2015               Assoc. for Chemoreception Sciences Young investigator award 2015, USA

2014               Selected for FENS/Kavli Network of Excellence, EU

2014               Federation of European Neuroscience Young Investigator Prize 2014, EU

2013               European Research Commission (ERC) starting investigator grant, EU (1,5M Euros)

2008-2010:    Human Frontiers Science Program, Long-term Postdoc Fellowship, USA

2006               MBL, Neural Systems & Behavior Summer Course, USA

2003-2006     Boehringer Ingelheim Fonds Fellowship, Germany

2001-2002      Msc Scholarship of DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service), Germany

1996-2001      Scholarship of Turkish Science & Technology Association, Turkey


  • SUPERVISION OF GRADUATE STUDENTS AND POSTDOCTORAL FELLOWS I have supervised 9 post-doctoral fellows, 10 PhD students and 15 MSc students. The first round of alumni from my lab have already obtained attractive positions in academia and in industry (please see below).Post-docs
    • Since May 2019: Dr Francisca Acuna-Hinrichsen
    • Since Nov 2018: Dr Kadir Mutlu
    • Graduated Jan 2020: Dr Pradeep Lal (M. Sklodowska-Curie Fellow), now Senior Researcher, NORCE
    • Graduated Dec 2018: Dr Laetitia Lalla, now data scientist in industry
    • Graduated April 2018: Dr Florence Kermen (Fyssens Fellow), now PI, NTNU-Biology Dept, Norway
    • Graduated Dec 2017: Dr Nathalie Jurisch-Yaksi, now PI, NTNU-IKOM Dept, Norway
    • Graduated March 2017: Dr Filip Janiak, now postdoc at University of Sussex, UK
    • Graduated June 2015: Dr Cameron Wyatt (AXA Fellow), now core facility manager, U. Edinburgh, UK
    • Graduated June 2013: Dr Elena Dreosti (Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowships), now PI, UCL, UK

    PhD Students 

    • Since February 2021: Anna Maria Ostenrath
    • Since April 2018: Christa Ringers (Boehringer Ingelheim Fond Fellow)
    • Since January 2017: Sverre Myren-Svelstad (Helse-Midt Norge Fellow)
    • Since June 2017: Fabrizio Palumbo
    • Since January 2015: Ewelina Bartoszek
    • Graduated October 2020: Stephanie Fore, now clinical trials specialist
    • Graduated September 2020: Carmen Verdugo Diaz, now postdoc at Novartis, USA
    • Graduated October 2016: Luis Mendez Franco (VIB Fellowship), now postdoc at UCSB, USA
    • Graduated November 2015: Suresh Kumar Jetti (Boehr. Ing. Fond Fellow), now postdoc at MIT, USA
    • Graduated March 2015: Nuria Vendrell Llopis, now postdoc at UC Berkeley, USA

2020 –              Coordinating and Teaching “Introduction to Neuroscience” undergraduate course, NTNU, Norway

2017 – 2019    Director of the NTNU Master program in Neuroscience

2016 – 2017    Coordinator, Systems Neuro. course at NTNU Msc program in Neuroscience

2016                Summer school of Norwegian Research School in Neuroscience, organizer

2013                Teaching at Marie Curie initial training network FLIACT, Germany

2012 – 2013    Organizing and teaching at VIB/NERF/KULeuven PhD School, Belgium



2022                Zebrafish Neural Circuit and Behaviour Meeting, organizer

2017                FENS/Kavli Network of Excellence Symposium, co-organizer

2016                Kavli Prize Neuroscience Symposium, co-organizer

2012 – 2014     NERF, Neuro-technology Symposium, organizer


2017 – 2018    FENS/Kavli Network of Excellence Board member

2013                Interim Department Director for 1 year, NERF, Belgium

  • REVIEWING ACTIVITIES (if applicable)

Referee service: Cell, Nature, Nature Methods, Nature Neuroscience, Neuron, Nature Communications, Current Biology, eLife, Cell Reports, Development, Journal of Neuroscience, PLOS Biology, PLOS Computational Biology, PLOS One, EMBO Reports, Scientific Reports, Frontiers in Neural Circuits, Behavioral Brain Research, Journal of Comparative Neurology, BMC Neuroscience, Journal of Physiology, European Journal of Neuroscience,

Grant reviews: ERC, HFSP, DFG(Germany), WWTF(Austria), FRC(France), IRF(Iceland), Wellcome Trust (UK)



Since 2015      FENS/Kavli Network of Excellence

Since 2015      Federation of European Neuroscience

Since 2015      Norwegian Neuroscience Society

Since 2016      Society for Neuroscience