We are hiring !

Our laboratory ( is looking for highly motivated people who are interested in joining our team at Kavli Institute for Systems Neuroscience at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). We offer an international and multidisciplinary environment in which creativity and scientific dialogue across fields is valued and stimulated.

Our laboratory consists of an international team of enthusiastic biologists, physicists, medical doctors and engineers. The overarching goal of our team is to understand how widely dispersed brain regions dynamically interact and how these interactions modulate the way animals process sensory information and make behavioral choices. The successful candidate will study the relationship between animals’ behavioral states encoded by the ongoing brain activity and alterations in sensory information processing in the ancestral cortico-limbic structures of zebrafish brain. We are also interested in understanding the alterations of these circuits during learning and memory formation. To achieve this, successful candidates will use a combination of optical, electrophysiological, opto-genetic, behavioral, mathematical and engineering tools.

We are looking for PhD students and/or post-doctoral fellows, who has expertise in functional bran imaging, electrophysiology and the use of computational tools to analyze brain activity and animal behavior. We are especially interested in people with high motivation in applying their training in neuroscience, maths, physics or engineering in a multi-disciplinary lab. If you are curious, passionate, motivated, creative and a team player, you will be both happy and productive in our laboratory.

Application link is here:

Deadline is September 1st